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Preventative medicine

Vaccines, microchips, passports, parasite prevention……everything to keep your pet healthy and in line with local legislative requirements. We will inform and advise you about everything you need to know.

Internal medicine

We cover a wide range of veterinary disciplines such as dermatology, ophthalmology, cardiology, gastroenterology, oncology, etc

A complete, integrated and up-to-date service.


We perform all types of surgical proceedures, from the most common such as neutering operations on dogs, cats and exotics, to the most complicated soft-tissue and orthopaedic operations.

Diagnostic imaging

Our facilities include digital x-rays, ultrasound and rigid endoscopy. We frequently update our equipment to offer the best non-invasive diagnostic tools.


Caring for your pet´s teeth is a fundamental part of looking after their health and well-being. A clean mouth, free from infection and pain, will prevent systemic infections which can lead to problems with the heart, kidneys and liver.

Cat Friendly Clinic Logo Gold.jpg
Cat Friendly Practice

As an accredited " Gold Standard Cat Friendly Practice 2023" we have a special interest in feline medicine and surgery. Because cats are very different to dogs we cater for their very individual needs

Dog Run

Physiotherapy can be of great value in a number of pathologies, from back pain to recovery from orthopaedic surgeries. Call us to arrange an appointment.


We are privileged to be able to call on a European Board Certified cardiologist to provide our heart patients with the best possible care. Call us for an appointment on 971695108.

Travelling documents

Wherever you go in the world with your pet, let us advise you and help you prepare all the necessary documents and tests so you can have a stress free trip.

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