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Our reception area is light and spacious and our receptionists are always ready to help. We work by appointment and have separate waiting zones for dogs and cats so that our patients feel safe and relaxed before their consultations. 

Consult rooms

We designed our consult rooms to keep stress associated with a visit to the vet to a minimum. The room are quiet, light and clean with wooden non-slip surfaces where cats can feel comfortable and unthreatened.


Complete state of the art laboratory with the latest diagnostic technology. Haematology, biochemistry, cytology and snap tests can all be performed in the clinic within half an hour to ensure rapid and appropriate treatment.

Surgical theatre

Our bright, modern surgical suite is designed for maximum hygiene and sterility with integrated x-ray facilities.

Hospitalization wards

Our hospital has air conditioning and heated roomy kennels with glass windows for hygiene with separate wards for dogs and cats to ensure a prompt and low-stress recovery.

Isolation unit

We have a separate hospitalisation ward for highly contagious patients to ensure the best recovery without infecting the other inpatients.

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